Olympic National Park Entrance
Hard Rain Cafe


Need a good breakfast before you hit the trail/road? How about bacon, toast, eggs, and a nice cup of coffee? Need catering for your travel group,or a romantic picnic lunch? Meals start at just $5.99

What is the perfect way to end a mount olympus trip? The famous mount oly burger--1/2 lb. beef with swiss cheese and bacon, lettuce, tomatoe, onions, pickles, and our special sauce. Is your mouth watering yet? Besides burgers we offer sandwiches, fish, chicken, garden burgers...ice cream, huckleberry cordials and basically everything a kayaker´s, or rafter´s, or camper´s, or hiker´s heart desires.

In a rush to get back to Seattle? Order "to go" at the Cafe and your meal will be prepared within minutes.

Whatever your style is we would love to have you stop by, say "hi"to Harry the yetti, and at least have a soda with us at the Hard Rain Cafe. No reservations required, and please, leisure attire and attitude only! Grill open from 9am-7pm

Hard Rain Cafe
5763 Upper Hoh Rd.
Forks, WA 98331
360-374 9288
Located at the HOH RAINFOREST entrance of the

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